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  idTracks-Devices™   Device Management System  
idTracks-Devices is an enterprise device tracking application designed to improve the performance and quality of service in healthcare and manufacturing industries. The application monitors device location in the facility using wireless networking and tracks the device preventive maintenance tasks. It improves the device availability and helps manage the devices and meet compliance requirements.
Improve Quality of Service
Maintains quality and safety standards by tracking maintenance and usage of devices
Increase Availability
Maintains devices in operating condition and increases availability by tracking maintenance schedules.
Manage Preventive Maintenance
Manages device maintenance activities and schedules and captures maintenance and calibration history.
Locate Devices
Locates devices on the hospital floor using wired or wireless communication and alerts the owners by notifications.
Improve Operating Performance
Improves performance by keeping devices in good operating condition and eliminates preventable device failures.
Save on Device Costs
Saves on costs by increasing the operating life of devices and tracks the device inventory.
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