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  idTracks-Gages™   Gage Management System  
idTracks-Gages is a manufacturing gage and inventory tracking software. Tracking actual gage usage is important for gages that require calibration. Calibration is expensive and a gage that is held up in calibration may slow down or even stop certain operations on the manufacturing floor. idTracks-Gages can also track the jobs and products that used a specific gage. idTracks-Gages can help you take control of your gage management and gage maintenance tasks by tracking a gage checkout, usage and calibration operations. It can use barcodes or iButtonsTM for tracking all the steps your gages go through in the warehouse and the factory floor. It is a flexible tool that can be configured to your factory operations and can save you thousands of dollars in gage calibration costs, manufacturing delay and rework costs.
Automate Check-in and Check-out operations
With idTracks, you do not need to maintain hard to find paper travelers through the factory floor. idTracks records the check-in and checkout operations in detail such that the gage can be tracked by where the gage is and who currently possesses it. Using idTracks, you can locate gages on your factory floor and reduce manufacturing delays and inventory costs.
Track Gage Usage
idTracks records the time when a gage is used and the products / jobs it is used upon. idTracks allows the operator at the factory location to record the usage of the gage on a job. It allows the users to generate reports that show, which are the products that were measured using the gage. These reports are crucial for ISO compliant certificates necessary for the FAA requirements.
Track Calibration
idTracks can track the information from the calibrations that are performed on a gage. The calibration information measurements are tracked in the idTracks database for future reference and reporting. idTracks maintains the information about calibrations and checks for gages requiring calibration. idTracks schedules calibration of gages based on interval / usage or checkout times. This feature can save money by allowing the factory to perform calibration based on the need for calibration rather than a periodic schedule. idTracks can generate calibration reports and gage calibration requirement reports.
The powerful reporting engine built into idTracks can generate the reports necessary for day-to day management of gages. The reports include
Calibration report - shows the results of calibration of a gage.
Recall report - shows all the gages that are due for calibration.
Trace report - shows all the operation that a gage has participated.
Automated Notifications
With idTracks the owners of gages are constantly informed of the status and locations of their gages. This is a very valuable tool for supervisors to track down the gage and avoid any product delays caused by unavailable gages. idTracks integrates to the corporate email system and sends email notifications as configured. idTracks reporting engine can generate and deliver reports by email to the gage owners and supervisors.
Modular application interface suite
idTracks comes as a suite of interfaces that can be installed on different stations serving different functions of gage tracking and management. The modular application interfaces make idTracks a simple to use application. The users at each location see the interface that is appropriate for their specific function only. idTracks reduces your training costs and increases productivity.
Interface components of idTracks are;

Administration Administration: This interface is for managing the gages including addition of new gages, users and locations into idTracks. This interface includes all the other interfaces listed below, making it one central station for all functions of gage tracking and management. This interface is usually installed at the office of the supervisor from where he can monitor and manage the gage operations in the whole factory.

Stores Stores: This interface is for the stores supervisor whose function is to maintain the check-in and check-out operations. This interface is installed at your gage stores.

Factory Factory: This interface is for recording the usage of a gage on a product / job. This interface is installed on the factory floor at each location.

Calibration Calibration: This interface tracks the calibration time and allows the user to enter the calibration results. This interface is installed at your calibration station.

On-Line PDA wireless application
idTracks can be accessed from anywhere in your corporate wireless networks through the on-line PDA interface. The PDA interface shows a scaled down interface of the idTracks web interface and allows the users to perform operations remotely where wired network computers can not reach. idTracks On-line PDA wireless application increases your mobility and accessibility.
idTracks Editions
idTracks comes in three sizes - Basic, Standard and Enterprise.
idTracks Basic edition is a single user version that can be installed on one computer and perform all the operations from a single location.
idTracks Standard is multi-client version that can be installed on one central server and accessed from several locations in the factory. idTracks Standard supports up to 20 users.
idTracks Enterprise is a scalable system that is installed on one central server and accessed from very large number of client systems on the factory floor, office and offsite locations. idTracks Enterprise comes with a web interface that can be accessed from any workstation without having to install the software on individual workstations. Based on a highly scalable architecture and database systems, idTracks Enterprise is your choice for a large scale tracking system.
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