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idTracks-Docs, policy and procedure management software, is a secure, reliable enterprise application that is designed to streamline document workflow and manage document lifecycle. idTracks-Docs is a cost effective solution to manage all of your policies and procedures.

Healthcare organizations, Government agencies and Financial Institutions will appreciate the easy to use interface, legal compliance and accreditation benefits, ease of implementation and low cost.

Access Anywhere Anytime
The user friendly web interface allows access from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
Fast Efficient Search
Save your valuable time by finding the documents you need quickly and easily using our fast and powerful search engine.
Scan and Store
Convert your existing printed documents into digital format and load them into the system with the touch of a button.
Secure Access
Protect your documents from unauthorized access and accidental modifications using role-based security.
Version Control
Maintain old versions of policy and procedure documents for reference, recovery and legal compliance.
Document Control History
Trace the timeline and history of all versions of your policy and procedure documents from inception to current release.
Automated Document Renewal
Automated document renewal and maintenance features improve efficiency in managing controlled documents.
Document Workflow
Manage policy authoring, reviewing and renewal tasks with simple and efficient document workflow management.
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