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  Physician Order Set Management Application (SOS)  

SOS, Standing Order System, is an enterprise application for the management of physician standing orders. Physician Standing Orders are evidence-based policies developed to reduce reliance on staff's memory and to standardize the delivery of healthcare. Systematic reviews of health services have recommended standing order programs as effective organizational tools to improve patient care.

Standing orders specify medications and treatment instructions to be administered by nurses in accordance with the physician; they provide a more effective utilization of the physicians' skills. Established guidelines for the delegation of health care tasks to qualified non-physicians, who provide health services, is consistent with the patient's health and welfare and results in more effective care.

Physician orders are stored in a secure repository, which can be accessed only by authorized personnel. SOS has a powerful search engine that allows the physicians to search for orders by medical specialties. SOS provides quick and easy access to physician standing orders with a user-friendly interface.

Electronic Physician Orders
SOS maintains all physician orders in an electronic format-Eliminating the need for paper forms.
Fast Search Capability
SOS uses a powerful search engine that enables the physician and staff to search for the standing orders quickly-saving valuable time.
Secured Access
SOS provides secured access to the physician orders by stand-alone or integrated authentication-for enhanced security. Access to orders can be restricted by physicians' specialization. Access to administrative functions of SOS is restricted to a system administrator.
Quick, Easy Access
The SOS interface is designed to provide quick access to physicians-saving time.
Customized Physician Orders
SOS allows orders to be customized for individual physicians within the guidelines of the hospital. The physician can identify patient information from other applications and integrate that information into the standing order-reducing physician time.
Integration with Patient Records
SOS can be integrated with other healthcare applications exporting completed orders to the patient's medical record-for accurate patient histories.
The system accepts and manages orders for all departments at the point-of-care, from any location in the hospital or at the physician's office through a variety of devices including, wireless handhelds and tablet PCs-for ease of access.
Physicians can be notified about changes to orders, the deletion of existing orders and the inclusion of new orders-keeping them informed.
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